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Terry Law

Dr. Terry Law’s main ambition and focus is to serve his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. From a young age, Terry responded to the call on his life to preach, teach and to bring God’s healing to people around the world. Terry’s messages of hope, faith and serving will inspire you to go and do likewise.

The Power of Praise & Worship


“A good confession is the doorway to faith. You can lay hold of the myriad benefits of salvation by walking through that doorway into the realm of unswerving faith. And because it focuses upon confession to the name of Jesus, I believe the sacrifice of praise will lead you into a total manifestation of the salvation Jesus purchased for you on the Cross.”

The Hope Habit


“I believe hope can become your normal way of looking at the world, so natural to you that you’re not conscious of it it until someone points it out with admiration (or envy). When that happens, you will have made a paradigm shift from the mindset of fatalism to one of a continual, confident expectation of God’s goodness.”

The Truth About Angels


“Angels appear to mankind on Earth. Angels minister to the saints on Earth. Angels protect people on Earth. Angels deliver God’s judgment on nations and people on Earth. However, angels do not live on Earth. This planet probably is a place they visit, but they would not want to live here! So where do angels live? …”

Come Before Winter


“If Satan can’t get us to run from our calling, he will use more subtle means. He will fill us with fear; fear of failure and of what others will think of us; fear of rejection or even persecution. Satan will also tell us that we are not worthy. Satan knows the power of following God’s call to come before winter and he will do everything in his power to stop us. But God’s grace is sufficient. His power is perfected in our own inabilities. He needs only a willing heart. A heart that will cry, ‘Here am I Lord, send me.’ “

Storm Chaser

“Terry looked at his watch. 11:58pm. Time to pray out the Sixties and pray in the Seventies. He had often wondered how the team might begin the new decade, but he could never have dreamed of–this. Everyone ate the bread and drank the wine, and then Terry led a prayer. ‘God, we don’t understand what’s going on…but that prophecy back in Kansas City said there would come a time when we would be homeless. Well, here we are, and now we’re counting on you to bring the rest of it to pass. If you’ve called us to be kings to conquer, you’re going to have to make it happen. Because we can’t… Lord, where are you in all of this? Have you forgotten us?’ “

Conversations podcast with

Terry & Scot Law

One is a preacher, the other an entrepreneur. Both are followers of Jesus with hearts to bring the messages of hope and grace to the world. Listeners will find themselves engrossed in inspiring stories that this father-son friendship share in wise and creative ways.  


Some people preach their life’s message…Some, though, live so courageously that their story is their message. Such a life is Terry Law’s.

– Stephan mansfield

new york times best-selling author

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The Truth of Scripture

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