Servant of Jesus Christ and Mighty Man of Valor

Dr. Terry Law

Terry Law was born Terrance Herbert Law on April 8, 1943, to the Reverend Herbert and Ann Law of Four Corners, Saskatchewan, Canada. He passed into the presence of his Lord on August 31, 2020, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Terry’s Story…

A celebrated graduate of Oral Roberts University, Class of 1969, Terry Law’s ministry as an evangelist and humanitarian for Christ spanned some fifty-four years, taking him into more than 100 nations, from the plains of western Canada to the deserts of Iraq, with special emphasis on closed nations.

Dr. Law’s early career began 1969, when he and the late pianist, Larry Dalton, formed “Living Sound,” a ministry that pioneered contemporary music concerts with preaching of the Gospel. During its seventeen-year run, Living Sound grew from its original thirteen members into four fulltime teams that won tens of thousands to Christ in dozens of nations on six continents. Along the way, he devoted himself to both evangelistic preaching and extensive humanitarian efforts, whether personally smuggling bags of rice across the frozen Tumen River into North Korea, delivering food, medicine, and clothing to refugees from al-Qaeda and ISIS, or preaching to audiences as large as a quarter million people in Poland.

..For these and his other efforts, Dr. Law gained the trust of such luminaries as his friend, Pope John Paul II, and the Presidents of Iraq and today’s Iraqi Kurdistan, where religious freedom initiatives he began in recent years are still in progress.

For all these achievements, Dr. Law’s proudest accomplishment and greatest legacy are the lives of his children, as well as the hundreds of ministries that sprang up from his preaching and discipleship.  Throughout his life, he broke barriers thought impenetrable and ran into the storms that everyone else fled. He was, as the name of his life story suggests, a true “Storm Chaser.”

Although Terry has recently joined that great cloud of witnesses, his life and legacy live on. Terry Law continues to speak through his books, sermons, and the ministry he founded to advocate for religious freedom, support persecuted pastors, strengthen the body of Christ, and compassionately meet the needs of hurting people.


Some people preach their life’s message…Some, though, live so courageously that their story is their message. Such a life is Terry Law’s.

– Stephan mansfield

new york times best-selling author

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Terry & Scot

One is a preacher, the other an entrepreneur. Both are followers of Jesus with hearts to bring the messages of hope and grace to the world. Listeners will find themselves engrossed in inspiring stories that this father-son friendship share in wise and creative ways.  

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