It’s 1984, I am 10 years old, and we’re going through security at the Warsaw Chopin Airport after deplaning. As we were waiting to have our bags checked, dad pulled out bibles he was smuggling in and put them in my suitcase. He whispered to me, “Just trust me and act normal”.

I stepped up to the guard carrying an AK-47. “Act normal?” I think to myself as I stare at this weapon a foot from my face. The guard quickly peeked in my suitcase and waved me through. My father followed me in line and they pulled his bags apart, frisked him, and pulled him in for questioning.

This is what it was like seeing dad hear the voice of God in real time. He sensed he needed to act quickly and he did. He trusted God that he was not putting me in harms way, and I walked into Poland with a bag of bibles for the believers there.