South Africa, 1970’s. After several months of Living Sound doing concerts in the U.S. with Andrae Crouch, the Holy Spirit impressed something upon dad’s heart. He went to Andrae and said, “Andrae, I would like for you to accompany me and Living Sound on a tour of South Africa.” Andrae’s eyes got big as saucers, and he immediately stated that he would love to do that.

South Africa, at the time, was riddled with sharp divisions between whites and blacks due to Apartheid. Andrae flew over, fully knowing this. Regardless of the political turmoil, Andrae sang his way into the hearts of the South African people – both black and white.

Dad had been firm with all venues in South Africa that he would not allow the audience to be segregated. Whites will sit with blacks. This caused quite an uproar, but dad was resolute. “If Andrae is singing in a concert, the blacks are as welcome here as the whites” Dad would declare. No black soul, including Andrae, would be treated as a second-class citizen in his meetings. His stand, alongside Andrae, was a visible picture of God’s love toward all of his people.

They were a beacon of hope to the people of South Africa. The music of Living Sound and Andrae Crouch still holds a special place in the hearts of many in that country. Today, you can go on YouTube and listen to most of the songs of both Andrae and Living Sound. When you look at the comments section, you will see people stating things like, “I gave my life to the Lord in a Living Sound meeting in 1973 in Durban, SA. Terry Law preached on David and Don Moen led me to the Lord.” Or still another, “(Living Sound) came to Joburg in 1977 and 1979. Thank you so much…”

This overt and blatant act by dad and Living Sound on behalf of Andrae Crouch, as well as black Africans, was seismic. It took decades, but both dad and Andrae knew that their work together there went a long way towards eventually breaking the shackles of apartheid in the country of South Africa in the 1990’s.