In this episode, Terry and Scot open with a reminder about hope. In turbulent times, the people of God must choose to hope, to run toward hope, and to embrace it. Hope is an action.

In the early 1970’s, God opened the door for Living Sound (a music group from Oral Roberts University) to minister in South Africa. At the time, the Afrikaner National Party controlled the government. In 1948 when the ANP stepped into power, they instituted a political and social system called “apartheid” which literally means “apart-hood” or “apartness”. This wicked system of white minority rule divided South Africans into separate groups based entirely on race and caused extreme suffering to blacks. God heard decades of cries for justice, and sent Living Sound to the nation with a message of hope and peace that changed the course of history. 

Living Sound’s first tour of South Africa lasted for a year, and God brought them back many times over the next decade. On one of those tours, a musician named Andre Crouch joined Living Sound. In this conversations podcast, Terry fondly recalls that tour with Andre. At a time when blacks were not legally allowed to attend events with whites, Living Sound welcomed people of all color to their concerts, including Andre, a black man with a powerful anointing on his life. Andre ministering on stage with black and white musicians sent a powerful message of hope to the crowds who gathered. On that tour, more than 10,000 people made decisions for Christ and later became Christian leaders in South Africa and around the world.

Looking back at Living Sound in South Africa during apartheid, we remember God’s faithfulness. God is a God of hope and has answers for our turbulent days. It is only the Gospel of Jesus Christ that changes hearts.