“You know what? I think it’s time for us to say a prayer. He knelt down by my bed, prayed a prayer, and invited Jesus into his heart. That totally befuddled the Communist Youth Party. They had sent this guy to find out what was motivating us, and he became a Christian and follower of Jesus. That shook the church everywhere throughout Poland. We had crowds of 20,000 people, and couldn’t fit them all into the cathedrals. We filled the streets, and ended up doing a concert in Poland with 300,000 people­. Pope John Paul II was there. The grace of God opened a tremendous door in the heart of the communist world.”

In this podcast, Terry and Scot take a trip down memory lane to 1972 behind the Iron Curtain in Krakow, Poland. Terry and a group of musicians from Oral Roberts University had formed a music ministry called Living Sound. Under the impression Living Sound was a rock and roll band from the US, the Communist Youth Party of Poland invited the group to sing in their nightclub. Living Sound boldly stepped through the open door and shared the Gospel in song and testimonials. One special soloist that night was Terry’s wife and Scot’s mother, Jan, singing “He’s My Rock, My Sword, My Shield.” Her voice lifted the name of Jesus and brought the power of the Holy Spirit to the unsuspecting crowd. That significant night was the beginning of a revival in Poland that spread like wildfire through the region and is credited for the eventual fall of communism.