Have you ever heard someone make a statement like this: “Even when we don’t understand the reasons, we can be sure that nothing happens outside of God’s will.”?

Folks, that statement is heresy. How? Why? Because we are not helpless. God has given us the power to change our circumstances through prayer. When we take on the mindset that nothing happens outside of God’s will, then we lose all reason to pray. But scripture urges us to pray about everything.

God is sounding a wake up call to the church. He is calling his people to repentance and to seek him on behalf of our world. Do you hear him calling you to pray…about the spread of Coronavirus and our need for healing; for our governments; and for the hearts of lost souls to choose Christ? If ever before in our lives, now is definitely a time we need to earnestly pray.

We have some choices to make. Will we choose to engage our circumstances through prayer? And, will we choose to saturate our circumstances with hope…that God is listening and responding positively to our prayers? Calamities of all kinds will happen to each of us at inopportune times. How we respond to those calamities is what determines how the road ahead will look for us. Circumstances will either define or refine us. We have to choose to pray and to maintain an attitude of hope anchored in God’s word.

Biblical hope is a confident expectation in the goodness of God. Choose hope today. Grow in hope. Fan the ember of hope in your life through prayer today. Amen.