80% of what we hear from God comes through scripture—God’s written, Holy Spirit-inspired word. Hearing from God through scripture requires faith and the help of the Holy Spirit.
In this episode, Terry and Scot discuss how it takes faith to hear God’s voice. Much of what God wants to say to us comes through scripture, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Under the influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit, just as the ancient writers of the scriptures, we learn to hear whatever it is that God wants to tell us.
Proverbs 4:20-22 says, “Pay attention to what I say. Turn your ears to my word. They are life and health to your body.”
When we meditate on the scriptures every day like a cow chews its cud, we will certainly hear God’s voice. Incline your ear, humble yourself and allow the authority of God’s word to speak to you through the help of the Holy Spirit today.