Hearing the Voice of God, Part 2

Christians need to learn how to hear God’s voice. God is speaking to us but sometimes we don’t hear what he’s trying to say.

There are four big reasons why people don’t hear God’s voice.

1. Some people are afraid to hear God’s voice. Adam and Eve , for example. In the beginning they had fellowship with God. They heard God’s voice. When they sinned that all changed. God came looking for them, asking “Where are you?”. When God says, “Where are you?” it is likely we are not where we ought to be.

Sin creates a barrier. Adam responded to God: “I heard your voice, but I was afraid. I was naked and I hid myself.” Sin exposes man’s nakedness. In trying to cover their nakedness by taking leaves from the trees, it wasn’t sufficient covering. Animals had to be killed to properly cover their nakedness. Sin makes us aware that we’re separated from God and not walking in fellowship with him. This is one reason why people don’t hear the voice of God. They are unable to hear his still small voice. Romans 8:16, “His Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.” His spirit in us lets us know whether we are in fellowship with God or not.

2. Some people feel unworthy to hear the voice of God. Legalism, which is a whole bunch of rules about what we should or shouldn’t do, is not how our heavenly Father wants to relate to us. Preachers are often ones who try to make people feel guilty for their sins. But that’s not how God relates to us. He is a good God. The devil is an accuser who tries to make people live under a shadow of guilt. God, however, says to us that we are worthy to hear his voice through the Gospel. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. In the Gospel the righteousness of God is revealed. The Gospel tells us that we are 100% cleansed of our sin. Jesus has made us righteous.

3. Some people don’t want to hear the voice of God. The word for this attitude is rebellion. If we understand the divine exchange that happened when Jesus went to the cross, it changes everything. Divine exchange means that God took our sin and punishment and put it all on Jesus. God put all the bad on Jesus and all the good on us. Jesus took our punishment so we can be forgiven. Jesus took our sickness so that we might be healed. God gives us blessings and has taken the curse of sin from us.

4. Some people don’t hear the voice of God because they don’t believe he exists. Without faith it is impossible to please God. God is a rewarder of those who seek him. Do we really want to hear the voice of God? If so, begin by coming into his presence like this: Thank God for all the good he has given. Enter His gates with thanksgiving and boldly come into His courts with praise.

Pursue the voice of God today.