Wait for the vision will surely come to pass.

Our hope verse today is 1 Corinthians 13:13. Paul says, ” And now abides faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is love.”

True hope is certain of God’s goodness and sees reality in the light of it. It isn’t naive any more than faith is blind. To the contrary, hope gives faith its sight. Hope gives faith its sight. Faith and hope are symbiotic. Neither can exist without the other. They are also synergistic working more effectively together than they could separately. In fact, hope without faith is wishful thinking. Yet while faith and hope are interdependent, they are also distinctly different from one another in at least two ways. Faith resides in the heart while hope exists in the mind.

According to the Bible, faith and love are our breastplate. They protect our hearts. While hope is a helmet, protecting our mind. They’re dealing with the heart and the mind. Now, there’s nothing wrong with expecting results of course, but God’s word teaches us to celebrate our future while we patiently wait for it. That’s where hope comes in. Hope sees the results before faith substantiates it. It is patience with binoculars. I like that.

Hope is like the architect who can look at a mere blue line on paper and see the building. He’s the man that creates the building before it is ever actually constructed. Faith, on the other hand, is the contractor who comes and takes hope’s vision and executes it. Without hope and faith working together, the building won’t get built. Let me illustrate this personally.

At 14 years of age, I attended a camp meeting on Vancouver Island in Canada. While there, a prophet spoke to the campers. Later that night, he told me God had given him a vision of my life and my ministry. He laid his hands on me to pray for me. He said, “Young man, I see you standing before hundreds of thousands of people somewhere halfway around the world, you’re going to be called to the nations. God is calling you to the nations.” At that point in my life is when a little flicker of hope sparked in my heart. It was later at ORU while forming a music group called Living Sound and actually going to the nation of Poland that the vision came to pass. Those years between camp and ORU was the construction period. Holding onto the vision while it was under construction took faith. Hope gave me the vision as a teenager, and faith came along while the vision formed. When I finally saw the fulfillment of the vision in Poland with Living Sound, it was beyond anything I could ever dare to ask or think.

I’m going to sum it up with two verses. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” The second verse is Hebrews 11:1, “Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for.” Hope and faith are symbiotic. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Hold onto those verses while you wait see on the vision God has given you to come to pass.