On this final day, Day 30 of 30 Days of Hope, Terry and Scot reflect on their experiences in Iraq, specifically Terry’s efforts petitioning the Iraqi government to include the Declaration of Human Rights in the new Iraqi Constitution. The stories of how those efforts unfolded, demonstrate the grace of God and the hope Terry held onto throughout.

Hoping for something doesn’t cause things to happen instantaneously. The Iraqi story began 15 years ago, and it took all these years to finally see the fulfillment of the hopes of millions of people. These efforts continue to present day to provide a constitutional safe haven for Iraqis and Kurds.

God is here, aware of us, and is moving on our behalf, as He has always done. God is faithful.

As these series #30DaysofHope comes to an end, Terry shares his hopes for the present and for his later years. He has made the decision to retire from the ministry he founded 50 years ago, and to launch a new ministry called Terry Law Speaks. Terry will continue to preach, teach and to engage in significant and lasting missional endeavors in nations where the Lord leads. Just as scripture teaches to recall times in life when God has been faithful in order to gain hope for today, Terry reflects on Iraq experiences to actively hold onto his hopes for the days ahead.