It’s 1991 and we’re in rural Russia, far outside of Moscow. We are meeting with the underground church leaders from all over the Soviet Bloc. The room is filled with only men – all over the age of 50. 

Just before the translator introduces my father, he asks the 60 leaders in the room a question. “How many of you have gone to prison or have been tortured for your faith? Please stand.” All but many a small handful stood up. 

My father looked in shock and his mouth was a bit agape. These men had all risked theirs lives for their faith in Jesus Christ. They were risking their lives attending this meeting. Dad was overcome with his own insignificance. 

He leaned over to me and said, “I don’t feel worthy to even be in the room with these men of faith.” He soon stood before them and preached his timeless missions message “Come Before Winter”.  

I learned something that day. Sometimes the guest of honor is not the one you think it is. Sometimes, you are just honored to be in the midst of these heroes of faith.