Unnamed Country, 1995. Dad and I crossed the threshold into an apartment, and there she was – Little Red. She was a tall young woman, with a fierce look on her young face – a face that had seen far more than most people her age. She greeted Dad and I in such a gracious way, making us feel like honored guests.

Little Red was from a small village and she had accepted Jesus into her heart only a year before. A week after she became a Christian, the secret police raided their house church meeting and she was arrested.

While imprisoned, the guards frequently singled her out for torture. The lead guard, named Satan by the other believers there, took particular pleasure in using a cattle prod on her private parts, causing Little Red to lose consciousness. Little Red stopped speaking and would spend most of her days sitting in the fetal position in the corner of her shared cell.

On the day of her release, the guards, Satan among them, stood in front of Little Red and the other believers. Satan suddenly crumbled to the floor and began to weep. What no one had known, was that during all of her torture, she had told Satan that Jesus loved him. Little Red, barely able to stand, kneeled down beside him and wiped tears from his face. Through her actions, the love of God was made manifest to all of those guards, especially Satan.

After all she went through, and only being 20 years old, Little Red treated us as near royalty, serving us Jasmine tea. I was stunned. Dad and I didn’t deserve this. We should have waited on her. Through our brief time with her that evening, I saw the love of God, in her life and her actions, as I had never seen it before.