A Terry Law Story by Scot Law

Touching down in Copenhagen, Dad and I, along with Living Sound, took a shuttle across the E20 bridge, passing by Saltholm island just to the north of us, and arrived in Malmo, Sweden that evening.

The next morning, we took a bus down south to Trelleborg, along the southern coast of Sweden, which served as the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian peninsula. We were due to take an overnight ferry to Poland and I was excited, as this was my first overnight boating excursion. Little did I know what was in store for me.

As a missionary group, we were on a lean budget, so our berth was in third class. For the uninitiated, the differences in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class while traveling by boat or train are vast. We descended deep into the bowels of the boat, next to the boiler, and we walked into our cramped room – one bunk bed and one cot. This is where I was to spend the overnight voyage with Dad and Don Moen to port in Gdynia, Poland.

After eating, I wanted to go up top to view the sea splayed out along the sides of the boat. However, the captain had announced over the speaker that they were expecting weather, so I had to stay put.

Imagine being in a cave, where it is almost entirely dark, and you must endure an overnight storm with gale force winds on the Baltic Sea. That was my night. Due to the storm, we were confined to our rooms with no air conditioning nor circulating air. I kneeled off and on before the porcelain god many times that harrowing night.

The next morning, when we arrived in our Polish port, I was at the front of the queue to exit the vessel. I vowed to never to ride a large seafaring vessel again in my life (and I have kept that promise to this day.)