About Terry Law

Servant of Jesus Christ, Mighty Man of Valor

Terry’s Story

Dr. Terry Law was a life-long servant of Jesus Christ, who as a young teenage boy from the plains of western Canada, sensed a calling from God to take the Gospel message to the closed nations of the earth. Terry followed God’s leading to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he attended a brand new Christian university called Oral Roberts University.

As a student at ORU, Terry served on Oral Roberts’ healing crusade team. He traveled throughout North America with Oral Roberts, leading worship and preaching the Gospel. During that time, the Lord spoke to Terry about taking the Gospel to the difficult-to-reach places of the earth. In obedience, Terry and several other ORU students responded to God’s missionary call and formed a music ministry called Living Sound.

Living Sound officially launched Terry into a ministry that many in the North American church doubted. God, however, miraculously opened doors for Living Sound to take the message of Jesus Christ to nations in social and political turmoil like South Africa, the USSR, and eventually all across Southeast Asia. God used Living Sound to bring hundreds of thousands of people to faith in Christ, and to plant the seeds of the Gospel all around the world.

Terry’s life took a tragic turn when his wife, Jan, also a graduate of ORU and Living Sound team member, died in an automobile accident.  Although Living Sound continued, Terry backed away from ministry for a period of time to heal and to hear from God. At one of Terry’s lowest points, Oral Roberts told him he had to praise God until breakthrough came.

Terry followed Oral’s advice. He praised and worshiped God through his grief, and that commitment saved him from walking away from ministry altogether. Out of that difficult experience he wrote a best-selling book called The Power of Praise and Worship. This book had a major influence on the new praise and worship movement just taking off in the church.

For the next 50+ years, Terry dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel in closed nations of the earth, inspiring others to missions, and to writing and preaching. Terry founded a ministry in Tulsa, Oklahoma, called World Compassion through which he brought humanitarian aid and the good news of the Gospel to dozens of nations including Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Iran, and Russia.

Terry never wanted to retire. He had a brilliant mind, courageous spirit and a determination matched by few. He believed God called him to preach the Gospel until called home, and that’s exactly what he did. In the remaining two years of his life, Terry launched a new ministry called Terry Law Speaks as a means to write and teach, as well as to continue investing in the Kingdom of God around the world.

Today, Terry Law Speaks (TLS) continues through Terry’s wife, Barbara Law, and his son, Scot Law. May Terry’s books, sermons and life stories inspire and embolden future generations to courageously follow the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel in all the world.

TL Achievements

Terry Law dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel around the world. In 50+ years of ministry, God led Terry to write 9 books, minister in 125 nations, distribute 10 million Bibles and 27 million Story of Jesus booklets. Terry also invested years of his life developing and distributing discipleship training materials to serve the underground church around the world.

Published Books


Nations Reached

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Terry Law was a mentor to me and hundreds of other young people eager to make a difference in the world. He is a humanitarian of the first order.

– Don Moen,

dove Award winner, platinum-selling Recording Artist, producer


Terry Law has risked his life for the sake of others, and by doing so he has changed countless lives and saved countless more. His impact is international with much to teach us about facing and growing through conflict.

– James m. inhofe

U.S. senator


Some people preach their life’s message…Some, though, live so courageously that their story is their message. Such a life is Terry Law’s.

– Stephan mansfield

new york times best-selling author