Sometimes God says to us, “Do you really understand what I’m doing in the earth? Do you have any idea how big my Kingdom is, and the great plans I have for my children?”

“Wake up and look around! The fields are already ripe for harvest.” John 4:35

Revival from heaven is happening today all over the earth. In the 1960’s revival came to Africa. Then, in the 1970’s revival visited South America. The 1980’s saw massive revival in Southeast Asia. In the 1990’s revival came to the Communist world, specifically to Russia and China. In the 2000’s, post 9/11, all eyes were on the Muslim world. We watched in awe at the revival we saw in the Middle East. God is still moving in the Muslim world today.

Is God finished? Have the decades of revival finally come to an end? I don’t believe so. In fact, I’m asking God for more. I’m asking God to bring revival to American cities. We desperately need a move of God to change lives and to prepare hearts for eternity. Please join me in prayer even as you read these words. Jesus Christ is the only answer. Amen.