There are more WITH YOU than AGAINST YOU

by Terry Law and Scot Law

In 2 Kings 6, Elisha is the prophet in Israel. During that time the King of Assyria had plans to destroy Israel, but every time he tried, Israel was ready and waiting. The prophet of Elisha, through the Spirit of God, heard the things the king of Assyria said in his bed chamber, and was able to warn Israel of planned attacks.

Soon after, the king of Assyria sent a great army to capture Elisha in Dothan. Elisha had a servant named Gehazi who saw the advancing army and cried out “What should we do? We’ve been invaded.” Calmly, Elisha prayed, “God, open my servant’s eyes so he can see.” When Gehazi’s spiritual eyes opened, he saw the angels of the Lord surrounding the valley. Gehazi had no ability to see what Elisha saw until God opened his eyes. Spiritual eyesight removed all fear from Gehazi and gave him peace.

May God open our spiritual eyes as he did for Gehazi. We need spiritual eyes with spiritual glasses of hope to have God’s perspective. With his perspective, we can understand the move of God that’s coming. On the heels of major global events, there have always been major moves of God in the earth to follow. We need to pray and ask the Lord to move mightily in the earth.