Water Filtration Systems

Clean Water Changes Everything!

Approximately 30% of all people on the earth do not have simple access to a safe water source. An estimated two billion people regularly drink water contaminated with feces. Every day, 2,200 children die from extreme dysentery and diarrheal diseases due to poor water sources. Contaminated water transmits life-impacting diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio.

Globally, 144 million people, primarily those in isolated rural communities, depend on surface water (lakes, ponds, rivers, streams) to meet their daily hydration needs. Women and children spend hours every day collecting water, walking to and from their water sources. A lack of easily accessible and potable drinking water often keeps children from attending school. Survival requires children to assist their mothers in drawing and carrying water to their homes. Easy access to sufficient and potable (safe) drinking water means health and education are prioritized, particularly for women and children.

Water Filtration Systems Save

Terry Law Speaks is partnering with Air Mobile Ministries to provide safe drinking water in rural communities around the world using the Air Mobile Rescuer portable water purification system.

To date, over 800 Air Mobile Rescuers have strategically been placed in 40 countries worldwide.  The Air Mobile Rescuer water purifier is an amazing, life saving tool, that weighs a mere 20 pounds and produces up to 25 gallons of pure water every hour. This is enough drinking water for 500 people per day! 

This powerful ministry tool has saved the lives of thousands of souls, particularly in nations traditionally closed to the Gospel. It’s amazing how God’s love and compassion shine through something as simple as a glass of clean drinking water!

The Cost and Lasting Benefits of Water Filtration Units

The cost to purchase a single Air Mobile Rescuer unit is $3000 USD.  Imagine over one year’s time the community impact this $3000 USD investment will have! SAVE is the key word. AMR saves time, health, money, the environment (no more plastic bottles!) and ultimately, it saves lives.

Take, for example, the long-term effects the AMR has had on the island of Haiti. A single Air Mobile Rescuer strategically placed in a small village on the island has provided  pure water to the vulnerable community for 15+ years. Water borne illnesses immediately disappeared once every member of the community had (and still has) access to safe drinking water. This powerful machine completely transformed the quality of life for the village. It, most importantly though, opened the door for the Gospel to be tangibly shared and experienced through the gift of clean water. To God be the glory! This is the story of every Air Mobile Rescuer water filtration system.