Late 1990’s. Dad and I are backstage, at Word Explosion, talking with other guest ministers before the festivities began for the evening. I had stepped away for a moment and when I came back to Dad, he was talking to R.W. Schambach. 

They were catching up as I entered their discussion. “Well Bless God, Brother Law!” He bellows out loud, slapping me on the back as I arrive. It was the first time seeing Rev. Schambach since I was a child, according to Dad, and I was realizing that he was quite a character. Dad then says, “Brother Schambach, I want you to tell Scot about the most amazing miracle you ever saw in your ministry.”  

Schamback begins to tell me of this man who had a serious eye injury when he was younger, and had lost his eyeball and his sight. He had a glass eye in place for years, rather than wearing a pirate’s eye patch. After a healing service, the man approached Brother Schambach to tell him he was healed. 

Schambach asked him, “How do you know you are healed?”. The man responded by telling him that he could see out of his glass eye. The man then covered his good eye and told Schambach how many fingers Schambach was holding up. “That’s not the only thing!” the man said. He then removed his glass eye, covered his good eye, and then correctly told Schambach how many fingers Schambach was holding up. 

With both of our eyes wide and mouths agape, Dad and I stared at each other and then back at Brother Schambach. Dad simply said, “I have never heard anything like that before. What an amazing God we serve!” Schambach then looked up at the ceiling and said, “But God! Hallelujah!”